Catie Middleton is a journalist.

She believes that journalism provides an outlet to both entertain and inform by creating narratives an engaging pieces in which she firmly believes. As a journalist and storyteller, Catie strives to be honest, objective, informative, and provide a unique perspective on the world through her writing.

Catie is trained in the basic fundamental skills needed to cover any story. She is also well-versed in digital and social media, as well as SEO. She has covered a wide variety of topics including meetings, court sentencings, politics, student life, and many more. She has experience writing hard news, editorials, and features stories. She has a firm grasp of Open Records, ArcGIS, and investigative reporting.


Catie graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies with a minor in English from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in December of 2018. She hopes to pursue a career as a print journalist and continue writing.